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I have been very careful about my electrical ever since I saw my friend’s house gutted by fire as a result of a faulty heater some few months ago. Electrician service is such a dicey and intricate industry that one be very careful regarding their choice of electrician service technician or company.

Maria Rodriguez

Just last month, after we purchased a new backup generator, we needed competent electricians to put it together and install it for use. After Joey’s fire experience, I had to make sure I called a competent company for this installation especially after I had spent a fortune purchasing it. The company I bought it from had suggested an electrical company but I wasn’t very comfortable with just any company. After I called in at this company, which has had many good reviews by their previous customers, they were very thorough on the phone, as they knew their work very well. The person I spoke with knew what brand of backup generator I bought and he was very specific with details.

- Ann

Most times, companies stress on how they intend to serve customers better, however they never put in all the effort to make tis happen. It is only a generic talk these days in the boardroom of most electrical companies. After I spoke with the customer service agent on the phone, she scheduled a meeting between their technicians and I, to sort out assessment and budgeting process for electrician service.


As any customers would expect, I was expecting to see a huge bill and subsequently decline the company. The superseded my expectations after I saw a surprisingly affordable bill! I had to call the customer service agent again to make sure there was no mix up anywhere. Even at the peak of my joy regarding the pricing, I was even more concerned as to the quality of service I would receive especially after recalling how that fire gutted my friend’s house because of someone’s incompetence. On the day of the supposed installation of the backup generator, I was not going to be home, so I was worried about rescheduling so late due to fears of being charged an extra fee for late rescheduling. To my utmost surprise, they asked me to leave my key for the technicians so as to enable them work in my absence. Honesty, I was worried because I had my dogs home and valuables. I had even secretly setup security cameras to monitor them while I was away. I was extremely impressed that not only did they setup and install the generator as I had directed and preferred, they were also really professional as not to explore other parts of my house in my absence with electrician service.  


I voluntarily paid some extra money to the electrician service just to show appreciation for this awesome service and pricing system and I promise to use them again! I want to also implore other potential customers to use them, as they would never disappoint you no matter what.

- Mary